The official source code can be downloaded here:

Check out latest code through CVS:

export CVS_RSH=ssh; cvs co -P milter-greylist

When in doubt, check here:

Building on RPM-based Linux distributions

The source package includes a spec file so it's easy to build your own RPM if you have a complete build system.

# rpmbuild -tb --clean milter-greylist-4.0.tgz

You can add configure options like this:

# rpmbuild -tb --clean --define "build_dnsrbl 1" milter-greylist-4.0.tgz

Source RPM for Linux

A source RPM configured with libspf2 support can be found here:

Julian Field, developer of MailScanner, has released SRPM:s with GeoIP support as well:

Source and Binary packages for Debian/Ubuntu

An unofficial upstream package of the newest version can be found here:

Binary packages


The OpenCSW project provides binary packages for over 2000 popular open source titles for Solaris 8/9/10 on both Sparc and x86. The installation is very simple with dependency handling similar to apt-get found in Debian Linux.

All that is needed to install milter-greylist is:

# pkgutil -i miltergreylist

Info on the package can be found here: The package is built with DNSRBL, urlchecks, libspf2 and GeoIP support.

Linux (RPM-based)

Milter-greylist compiled with libspf2 support:

Julian Field, developer of MailScanner, has released RPM:s with GeoIP support as well:


Shell script to scrape Spamcop's top /24 CIDR blocks into a list for greylisting.
Perl script to analyze sendmail logs and print some statistics about the greylisting efficiency. Note you might need to modify it slightly to suit your environment and configuration. Add $fail to the variables set to zero on the first line! Usage:

# cat /var/log/maillog | account_grey
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